Linken Sphere

Antidetect Browser new generation

We are pleased to present the most convenient and safe tool for professional work on the Internet.
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Application area

For whom is our Antidetect Browser suitable?

For specialists anti-fraud systems, Arbitrage traffic, Bonusmaterial, Work with contextual advertising, professionals in the field of SMM and Any work with multi-accounts.
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The functionality of our Browser

Forget about having dozens of virtual machines

Quick and easy setup of all necessary parameters, the substitution of the prints of the GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies, protection from any attempts of identification and recognition of the configuration of Your hardware.
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Video presentation of the browser

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What is our Antidetect Browser Linken Sphere capable of?

Working with antidetect has never been this easy!

Substitution of all known fingerprints

Antidetect Browser is equipped with protection systems and replacement of the fingerprints (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies). No one will be able to recognize the configuration of Your hardware, if You are working with Linken Sphere - it will protect You from any attempt of identification. Browser does not just prohibit their removal - he gives corrected information, forming a unique portrait of the user You use as long as necessary.

The most accurate and full customization for professionals

The Browser provides not only the possibility of fast and quality generation of the parameters for each new session, but gives you the most complete possible set up configurations for advanced users - you can easily set all the necessary parameters: Useragent, HTTP headers, js.navigator, Plugins, MymeTypes, WebGL and Geoposition.

Dozens of virtual machines no longer need

Each tab gives the possibility to use different configurations, namely a network connection (SSH tunnel, SOCKS, TOR or TOR+SSH), UserAgent, prints, location, time, language, and cookies. Therefore, each tab essentially its own virtual machine with its own settings and connection. You can work with dozens of tabs from a single location.

All types of connections out of the box

Linken Sphere Browser contains all the necessary functionality for ssh, socks and tor – no need to install and configure buggy proxifer and bitwise. You can combine dozens of different connections and connection types for maximum comfort and result of work - just install the browser on Your computer or virtual machine, everything else we have done!

Work with cookies

You no longer need to store cookies in separate files, spending time in their constant loading and unloading. Create multiple sessions with the individual cookies and prints - and no more problems with them the transfer! The browser allows a user to unload and load cookies in netscape format cookies, and save the full session, including prints and data connections.

UserAgent and system

Different approaches require different devices. The browser allows You to use the correct useragent, the system time, language, location, and resolution for each tab. Use preset popular agents, or add. Just like never. Of course, the selected useragent with the rest of the settings are synchronized with the cookies and data connections.

No hidden queries

Linken Sphere Browser is a private development and is fully protected from sending hidden requests and tracking of unnecessary information. In addition, the entire process of running and authorization happens via TOR You are completely anonymous.


Browser is in OTR mode, which allows you to do absolutely impossible to track the traces of Your online activities even with the help of spyware solutions installed directly on the computer.

We can in TOR

We use the bulbous network to the startup process and authorization. You can use TOR in its pure form, rejecting the TOR Browser to surf the deep web, and as the connecting node when connecting to SSH to build an anonymous and secure ligament. And all this in combination with other unique capabilities of this software.

No binding to computer hardware

We do not use a binding to iron as a measure of protection against unlicensed copying. This suggests that You can use Your copy of Linken Sphere on any system without having contact with the support, and manual activation.

Linken Sphere instruction

At any time you can familiarize yourself with the convenient Interactive instructions for using Linken Sphere browser.

Sync Sessions

Sync Sessions for team work. Video

Try a one-month test

You can test our antidetect browser Linken Sphere price $30 for 10 sessions for 1 month, simply enter the promo code LS_F764C79R1M8V on which there will be a permanent 10% discount on subscriptions, when registering on the main site.



  • $90/month
  • ∞ Seats
  • ∞ Members
  • 100 Sessions


  • $160/month
  • ∞ Seats
  • ∞ Members
  • 300 Sessions


  • $300/month
  • ∞ Seats
  • ∞ Members
  • 400 Sessions

To test/purchase Linken Sphere, the Promo Code must be entered when installing the browser from the main site.

By clicking the "Test/purchase" button, you will be redirected to the main website.